MEDIA PERSPEKTIF (Jurnal Teknologi) is peer-review journal providing original research papers, case studies, and articles review in technology field. The journal can be used as an authoritative source of scientific information for researchers, researcher academia or institution, industrial engineer, and government agencies. Paper topics of MEDIA PERSPEKTIF focused on engineering including:

  • Mechanical Engineering: design mechanical, system manufacturing, material engineering, production, automotive engineering, energy conversion, aerodynamic, aerospace engineering, etc.
  • Electrical & Electonics Engineering:  robotics, control system, microcontroller application, telecommunication, electronics, power electronics, power engineering, power distribution, etc.
  • Civil Engineering: structure engineering, hydrology, geotechnical, construction management, transportation, geographic information system, etc.
  • Chemical Engineering: petro & oleo, bioenergy engineering, bio process, food engineering, catalys, plasma & ozone technology, medicinal & cosmetic technology, etc.
  • Computer Engineering : embedded system, computer network, signal processing, image processing, computer vision, wireless sensor, internet of things, fuzzy logic, etc.
  • Informatics Technology : software engineering, information technology, information system, information security, data mining, etc.
  • Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering: industrial biotechnology, industrial gases, engineering management, manufacturing, metallurgy, bioprocess engineering, financial engineering, automation engineering, mining engineering, process engineering, physic engineering, instrumentation and control, industrial management, etc.
  • Environmental Engineering: Environmental management and engineering, polution control, environmental healtness, waste management, green building, sustainable & ecological design, rebewble energy, landscape engineering, clean coal technology, clean technology, green nano technology, water supplay, etc.
  • Naval Engineering : ship structure, naval architecture, aircraft, hydrodynamics, shipping system engineering, ship engineering, water transportation, ship transportation, ship & hull design, propultion system, ocean renewable energy, beach free building, marine material, beach release techniques, etc.