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JAMDI(Jurnal Akuntansi Multi Dimensi)

JOURNAL OF ACCOUNTING POLYTECHNIC NEGERI SAMARINDA: Journal of Accounting Multi Dimensional  (JAMDI), is a tool for researchers in the fields of Accounting, Management, Economics, Finance, Banking, and Business to publish their research works. First published in 2018 with a two-year period published in February and November. The JAMDI Editorial Board consists of lecturers in accounting, management, economics, finance, banking, and business in a variety of concentrated areas of expertise including Private Accounting, Public Sector Accounting, Islamic Accounting, Financial Management, Strategic Management, Human Resource Management, Risk Management , Regional and International Finance, Monetary, Islamic Economics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, and Business. Until now, the Multi-Dimensional Accounting Journal has been published in 3 volumes (Volume 1 edition 30 November 2018). Those who are interested in participating in JAMDI Volume 4 edition 30 November 2020 can send papers through our OJS. For editorial information on Services and Information, please contact no later than November 10, 2020. You can prepare your paper for the next edition of JAMDI. Each article published has a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) according to the problem and article number.